I am a Dphil student in the Numerical Analysis group of the Mathematical Institute at the University of Oxford and in the Computational Mathematics Theme at the UKRI - Science and Technology Facilities Council. My research interests center on the realm of Numerical Linear Algebra. I find Krylov subspace methods super fascinating, and I used to be all about solving linear systems. Lately, that's changing and I'm shifting more towards an SVD perspective. My big focus at the moment is on Randomised Numerical Linear Algebra, especially randomised low-rank approximations, and Numerical Multilinear Algebra, especially Tensor-Train format. Meanwhile, I'm still feeding my curiosity for numerical solvers of non-autonomous ODEs.

  • Grants and Scholarships

  • Ada Lovelace Centre Scholarship

    Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
  • Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievements

    Charles University, Prague
  • Student Faculty Grant (Twice)

    Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University
    Project title: Multilingual lecture notes from student to student.